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a little backgroud....

I was born and raised in London, where, in 1996, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from Middlesex University. During the early stages of my career, I was very fortunate to have worked for several, dynamic and influential interior and architectural firms and have had the unique opportunity to experience a rich diversity of projects and styles.


Within the borders of this amazing city, architecture and history surround you. Design is everywhere, from the beautiful china tea-cup that you sip from to the fascinating buildings that you pass each day on the way to work. As a student of both art and interior design, you realize that it envelopes you and is part of who you become. 


I believe as a designer, one is greatly influenced by the environment that we are immersed in. It is what inspires us and defines us and given the right tools there are no limits to what we can create for our clients. 


Having later chosen to reside in Cyprus in 1996, a Greek Island in the Eastern Mediterranean, there could not have been a sharper contrast to the sprawling city of London, along with its personality and influences. The old village stone houses, the cobbled stone walkways, the ancient ruins of the Amphitheater fused transparently together with Cyprus's natural beauty.


With this aesthetic stimulation, one cannot help but be enticed and wander into a very different world of architecture and design: One of preserving the old and incorporating the new. These two distinctly different worlds fascinated me, inspired me and ultimately shaped me into the designer that I am today.


andrea diOrio

"the dialogue between client and architect is about as intimate as any conversation you can have, because when you are talking about building a house, our talking about dreams."   Robert A M Stern.

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