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Dezign in a Blog!

To Blog or Not to Blog?

That is my question:

I guess its easier said than done when your sitting, staring at a nice clean white page, wondering 'how do I start?" Its almost like having a beautiful white canvas in front of you and not wanting to draw that first line or make that first brushstroke in fear of devaluing it somehow. Its funny but as an art student and then following on as a designer my style or my work ethic was always, "less is more!" Simplicity was and still is a building block which I find myself defaulting to in practically every aspect of my life. I find the need to strip all unnecessary 'fluff' to get to the real core of something and its the same with my designs. I love simplicity and nature and balance. I want to let my spaces breath and slowly become one with their inhabitants, almost growing into one another. Thats why I always tell my clients not to rush and accessorize just for the sake of it, but to slowly take your time and grow into your home, furnishing as you go along. Does that make me a modernist? I guess it does. Do I have a passion for old historical architecture? Absolutely! I love integrating new and old materials within a space. New custom piece furniture with old antique treasures. Stainless steel and glass with the warmth of wood and stone. Internal spaces opening up to external living. It amazes me how contrast can 'marry' so well and yet be so different and as a designer I love to play that aesthetic game and watch it come to life.

Design is a wonderful thing!.



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