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A Room with a View.

We all have our favorite spot in our home. That go-to place where we need to re-group and get our head together or that fun space where we love to spend time with friends and family. Which ever type of 'place' it is, when looking for a home to buy, something always connects us to a particular house, and as a Designer and Realtor, that connection intrigues me. What does make a house connect with a buyer or should I ask, what makes a buyer connect with a particular house, after all, we all have different needs and tastes?

I have found that there are certain common elements that we look to in a home. Elements that reflect todays lifestyle. The way we live and work and play, which unfortunately, unless custom built, most older homes do not reflect todays needs.

So sellers, if you want to get the maximum financial return for your home with fewer days on the market then you need to do a little homework!

Invest in your home improvements. That is what will list your home at the higher end of the spectrum as aposed to the lower. Enhance your homes strenghts, not hide the weeknesses. That is what will help market your home. That is what will make your home stand out!!

So get busy...invest to get the best in your home!

Here are some spaces that I personally feel, help bring value to your home and can really play a major part when listng to sell.

The room with a view.

A beautifully maintained yard with the ability to view from inside the home allows for indoor/outdoor living we all love.

The nook.

Having that area in a home where we can unwind and disconnect for a little while.

The spa.

The need to unwind, relax and rejuvinate is important.

The Entertainment Area.

The ability to relax and enjoy entertaining friends and family.

"I believe every house has its' buyer, but every 'home' needs its' life-style investor."

Andrea DiOrio,

Interior Designer/Realtor.



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