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Out with the Old and in with the New?



Well maybe but not quite ;-)

Times are changing…we hear that all the time and althought sometimes sounding so cliche, you look around and it really does appear so.

In this fast pace, constant 'online' life that we live, our lifestyles have also had to somehow evolve inorder to keep up with this multifaceted life that we lead. Spaces which otherwise had clear, recognizable functions, have now taken on new personas, in particular that of our homes. For some, they have also become our workspaces, our schools, our coffee get together spaces and our recreational spaces....all in one!!!

Thats a lot of personas for one space!

Where am I going with this?

We live differently now and our homes need to reflect that in order for us to be able to grow as individuals, to be able to nurture our families, to live healthy and fullfilling lives, and as designers we need to understand that and reflect that moving forward.

We need to show our clients that what they already have, isn't necessarily what they need and that ultimately investing in their home is also investing in their work, their family and their quality of life.

Isn't that worth it?

Take a look for yourself....


Residential Home:

Melbourne Beach, Florida

Interior Design & Project Management by Dezign


Interior of 1980s Florida Ranch Style Home PRIOR to the remodel.

Client Brief:

  • Increase living space (square ft)

  • To create open plan concept for Kitchen, dining and living space.

  • Upgrade Kitchen.

  • New flooring.

  • New window treatments.

  • Incorporate pool/patio area.


New Interior Design Remodel by Dezign

  • Increased sq ft by eliminating old outdated screened in porch to build out which also added an extra bedroom/office space.

  • Created open plan concept by eliminating internal walls.

  • Redesigned kitchen layout to also communicate with living, dining and outdoor areas.

  • Upgraded kitchen cabinets and granite countertop and backsplash.

  • New 24x24" porcelain tile.

  • New White Plantation Shutters.

  • External Patio with New Free Form Pool and Spa.


A completely new home designed for a new type of lifestyle.................

love it!




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