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Dezign's Blues!

Its all about color and texture and tone. Loved creating this pallet for a client to visualize in her home. Sometimes is so much more than just picking images from a screen or catalogue to try and communicate a certain feeling or ambiance. For me there is nothing better than engaging ALL the senses to try and understand what a space might feel like.

To be able to see and touch and even smell allows you to immerse yourself within a space and the reaction tends to be immediate.

What is curious is that different colors and textures mean different things to people and that is why it is so important to be able to customize and create what is right for your client.

The casualness of the denim blues in contrast to the delicate blue porcelain tableware really lend themselves well to the modern space. We played with lots of fun textures with pillows and rugs...its all about balance and getting it just right.

Had fun guys!

On to the next project.



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